Historic Battlefields Then And Now

Published September 2, 2015
Updated November 6, 2019
Historic Battlefields Stalingrad Comparison

The setting of the Battle Of Stalingrad, then and now. Source: NNM (left) and LiveJournal (right)

Battles are actually unusual in military history. It’s far more common for one side to be willing or able to fight and for the other side to collapse at once or wage a guerrilla war than it is for rival armies to roll the dice on a few confrontations. Battles are what happen when both sides actually show up armed and looking for trouble.

The desperate courage exhibited in battle seems to charge the land itself with energy, as if the places where nations have thrown away the lives of their young men – mostly for reasons that seemed really important at the time – are made sacred with the passage of time. Sometimes the land is literally marked, and sometimes there’s nothing left but a little plaque.

Below, discover some of the historic battlefields that have scarred the land and marred the pages of your history book, and see how they look today.


Historic Battlefields Devils Den
Historic Battlefields Lees Hq
Historic Battlefields Devils Den2
Historic Battlefields Round Top
Historic Battlefields Then And Now
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Historic Battlefields Verdun
Historic Battlefields Verdun Craters
Historic Battlefields Verdun Moonscape
Historic Battlefields Verdun Skulls
Historic Battlefields Then And Now
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Historic Battlefields Nach Stalingrad
Historic Battlefields German Officer
Ruins Of Stalingrad During WWII
Historic Battlefields Stalingrad Railyard
Historic Battlefields Then And Now
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