Five Of The Most Incredible Christo And Jeanne-Claude Works

Published February 13, 2013
Updated September 1, 2017

Surrounded Islands

Incredible Christo Works Island

Source: The 305

Completed in 1983, Surrounded Islands proved to be another ambitious, technicolor project that involved outlining eleven islands off the Miami coast with floating pink fabric. After completion, Surrounded Islands remained on display for two weeks while a 120-person crew maintained and watched over the exhibit from inflatable craft.

Wrapped Reichstag

Wrapped Reichstag was the art duo’s famous exhibition in which they encircled Berlin’s Reichstag building with aluminum fabric in 1995. They had initially been asked to cover the building during their work on Valley Curtain but had to wait years on formal permission to commence their aluminum artwork. While the display was finished at the end of June and was slated for unveiling during the first week of July, sources estimated that over five million people caught a secret glimpse of the work prior to its official debut.

Incredible Christo Works Reichstag 2

Source: Terminartors

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