The Most Incredibly Colorful Animals You’ve Never Seen

Published June 22, 2013
Updated May 4, 2018

Incredibly Colorful Animals: Panther Chameleon

Colorful Animals Panther Chameleon

Source: Sean Crane

If you want the panther chameleon to be the latest denizen of your terrarium, you might have to book a trip to Madagascar, its home. You might even have to live there, too, since they only exhibit the brightest, most vibrant colors when they are living comfortably in an ideal habitat. Like other lizards, they prefer sunlight, and often spend the majority of their waking hours basking in the sun.

Panther Chameleon

Source: Who Zoo

Panther Chameleon Colorful Animals

Source: Blogspot

Check out this video of the panther chameleon changing colors:

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Blue morpho butterflies are one of the biggest butterfly species in the world, with a wingspan of 5-8 inches. The small scales that cover the back of their wings reflect light, enhancing their naturally iridescent, brilliant blue coloring. They thrive in the tropical forests of Latin America and contrary to the visual importance placed on their wings, spend much of their time on the forest floor.

Blue Morpho Butterfly Colorful Animals

Source: Web Exhibits

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