40 Ingeniously Creative Ads That Will Make You Look Twice

Published September 22, 2014
Updated October 29, 2019

With an incisive message and the design to match, a powerful advertisement can stop you dead in your tracks. Today, we look at some ads that do just that — forty ingeniously creative ads that will make you look and think twice:

Creative Ads

Lint Roller Ad

Save The Rain Forest

Copenhagen Zoo Bus
The Copenhagen Zoo's creative ad that wraps around a bus.

Feeding Your Cats Instincts

Lego Imagine Ad

WWF Rain Forest Advertisement

Ingeniously Creative Ads

Insurance For Women

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

Funny Lubrication Ad


Superman Elevator Ad

Bose Nose Reduction Ad

Fedex Creative Advertisements

Mothers Demand Action PSA

WonderBra Ad

Weight Watchers Ad

Creative Ads Glasses

Tailgating Isn't Worth It

SwissLife Creative Ads

Sunscreen Ad

Creative Ads Fashion Designer Versus Hells Angel

Nivea Print Ad

Scratch The Ad

Creative Ads Windex

Liking Isn't Helping

Lasik Advertisement
An advertisement for a Lasik surgery center in Thailand.

Jeep Wrangler Mount Rushmore Ad

Ingeniously Creative Advertisements

Where Does Your Rubbish Go?

Funny Airport Security Ad

Don't Text And Drive

What's Banned In America

What's Banned In America

Creative Ads World Wildlife Federation

Children See Things DIfferent


Buckle Up Stay Alive

Adopt A Dog

Thanks to The Roosevelts, Buzzfeed, and Bored Panda for some of the images above.

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John Kuroski
John Kuroski is the editorial director of All That's Interesting. He graduated from New York University with a degree in history, earning a place in the Phi Alpha Theta honor society for history students. An editor at All That's Interesting since 2015, his areas of interest include modern history and true crime.
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