Inside Kyoto, The City Of 10,000 Shrines

Published November 9, 2015
Updated January 8, 2018
Photographs Of Kyoto

The Kamo River in Kyoto is a popular location for boating and hiking. During summer months restaurants open their balconies that look out over the river, and many walk the trails that run along the river’s edge. Source: All World Towns

They don’t call Kyoto the “city of 10,000 shrines” for nothing. The ancient cities of Nara and Kyoto are located in what’s known as Japan’s Kansai region, where many emperors resided long ago. Immaculate shrines drape the region in timeless grandeur, and are made that much more splendid courtesy of the region’s natural beauty.

If you can’t make it to the former Japanese capital or the surrounding Kansai region, explore it in the photos below:

Colorful Kansai Japan To Ji
Colorful Kansai Japan Bamboo
Colorful Kansai Japan Reflecting
colorful Kansai Japan Heian jingu
Inside Kyoto, The City Of 10,000 Shrines
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Likewise, these below videos by Osamu Hasegawa and Blue Eden offer stunning glimpses into the region's beauty:

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