Colorado Cult Whose Leader Claims To Be A Hawaiian Goddess Kicked Out Of Hawaii

Published September 9, 2020
Updated May 7, 2021

"Love Has Won" has since tried to relocate to the Hawaiian island of Maui but were diverted by officials back to the mainland.

Cults Rental Beach House

Allan Parachini/Civil BeatFifteen members of a cult based in the U.S. mainland were booted out of Hawaii after three days of protests by locals.

The Love Has Won cult first made national headlines in September 2020. Locals of Hawaii’s island of Kauai were outraged at the group’s predatory ideology, which saw the cult strip members of their savings and keep them distant from their relatives. The group’s presence on the island was thus met with volatile protests.

According to the Honolulu Star-Adviser, 100 people gathered outside the cult’s beach-front rental to express their disdain. Cult leader Amy Carlson’s claim of being the reincarnation of Hawaiian fire goddess Pele were particularly opposed. Locals strongly urged the cancer-embattled woman and her group leave the island.

Amy Carlson and 15 of her followers had been there for about a month at that point, with their stay resulting in anger and broken windows. According to The Washington Post, however, the Colorado cult suffered an even greater loss this year — as Amy Carlson’s body has been found dead and mummified in Colorado.

Hawaii’s Protest Against Love Has Won

Cult Members Packing Up Car

Dennis Fujimoto/The Garden IslandKauai officer stands guard as cult members pack up their stuff to leave.

The leader of the so-called Love Has Won cult, Amy “Mother God” Carlson, claims the group is not a cult but rather a religion. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service confirmed as much by deeming the group tax-exempt. The cult makes money by selling vitamin supplements and supposed colloidal silver and gold therapeutics.

The organization has reportedly posted a number of impassioned videos during their stay in Kauai. In one video, the leader and supposed goddess-incarnate Carlson went into a profanity-laden tirade about her divinity.

In another video, two members are shown mocking the COVID-19 quarantine restrictions implemented by the state government for newly-arrived visitors and giving the finger to the camera. Hawaii reported two new coronavirus-related deaths in addition to 66 new cases statewide just this week.

Amy Carlson With Open Palms

Instagram/LoveHasWon1111Carlson had been dead for at least four weeks before being discovered.

Members of Love Has Won have also expressed disdain after being confronted by locals about their practices. One of the cult members engaged in a shouting match with protesters from the second floor of the rental home before running back inside crying.

Another member named Robert Begley posted the following rant about the protests on the group’s social media:

“Did you see what the locals did to our mother’s house? They smashed every window in her car. They smashed her house windows. They threw rocks. How would you like that to happen to your mother? Your mother who has full cancer in her body and paralyzed.”

The group’s relocation to Hawaii was “for the ascension of the planet. We are not here for you guys,” claimed one of its members, Ashley Peluso, a fixture on the group’s “daily event energies update” livestreams.

Love Has Won Amy Carlson

Love Has Won/FacebookAmy “Mother God” Carlson, leader of Love Has Won who claims she is the Hawaiian goddess of fire.

The protests outside the rental property were enough to attract a sizable police presence. About a dozen officers were dispatched from the Kauai Police Department with two National Guard vehicles stationed at the Kuhio Highway near Hanalei, essentially blocking traffic access in and out of the neighborhood.

Three small fires were set on the beach near the cult’s rental property during the protests and the vehicle that the Love Has Won members had rented for their stay was also damaged.

By Saturday night, Mayor Derek Kawakami arrived to the scene to inform protesters that the county was negotiating with Love Has Won to leave the island. Several members of the cult left the property to relocate to another island, Maui, shortly thereafter. Following the three-day protest, all members of the cult had left for the airport by Sunday night.

Amy Carlson Tanning

Instagram/LoveHasWon1111The “Mother God” in Hawaii.

Love Has Won’s plans to move to another island were derailed after Maui authorities found discrepancies in their travel paperwork. They were thus forced to leave Hawaii altogether and move back to Colorado, where the group’s most shocking development of all played out — during a macabre search warrant in April 2021.

Amy Carlson Found Dead

Love Has Won member Miguel Lamboy contacted Colorado police on April 28, 2021. He claimed to have gotten home after a prolonged absence while people were staying in his house to find a dead woman inside. He also claimed when he tried to leave with his two-year-old son — his guests didn’t let him.

Police were thus able to conduct a welfare check on Lamboy and his child, with claims of a body allowing for a search warrant of the Saguache County premises. Their arrival yielded a mummified corpse. The affidavit noted it was wrapped up in something like a sleeping bag, with Christmas lights tied around the body.

There was “glitter type makeup on around the eyes,” it stated, with the corpse generally positioned at “some type of shrine.” According to The New York Times, Lamboy was sure the person was dead when he notified police because the eyes were missing — and the person’s teeth were peering out of their lips.

Amy Carlson With Jewelry

YouTubeCarlson purportedly suffered from cancer.

Lamboy told authorities the deceased was 45-year-old Lia Carlson. Amy Carlon’s estranged son Cole Carlson, however, had recently told KDVR that his mother often went by Lia. Nonetheless, county coroner Tom Perrin found the body too decomposed to take fingerprints. He hopes dental records will help identify it.

Though the cause of death has yet to be ascertained, Carlson purportedly suffered from cancer. While teeth or DNA have yet to officially prove her identity, officials are fairly confident the enshrined body is hers.

Aside from the disturbing corpse, police found seven adults and a 13-year-old child in the house. All seven were arrested on child abuse charges and abuse of a corpse, with 47-year-old Karin Raymond receiving an additional charge of false imprisonment — presumably stemming from the teenaged child.

Fortunately, the children were found healthy. Lamboy was allowed to leave in custody of his toddler, while the other was placed in local social services. Before departing, however, he told police the body had been transported from California. The coroner’s analysis found that it had been dead for “four weeks or more.”

Arrested Amy Carlson Cultists

Saguache County Sheriff’s OfficeIn no particular order: Ryan Kramer, Christopher Royer, Sarah Rudolph, Karin Raymond, Jason Castillo, John Robertson, and Obdulia Franco.

As it stands, two of the adults, Jason Castillo and John Robertson, had their charges modified from abuse of a corpse to tampering with one. It certainly appears as though their infamous Love Has Won cult leader has died, as journalist Be Scofield reported on her death on April 30 — two days after Lamboy’s discovery.

Even the group’s Facebook page supported the news, as a video post on May 2nd saw one member state: “Mom has ascended, her mission is over. Is the mission over? No.”

Most ominous of all is that Crestone, Colorado town clerk Allyson Ransom received at least five calls from out of state in the last four years, all from people “searching for family members who had been persuaded to follow this group’s leader while giving over control of their personal finances, bank accounts, etc.”

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