What We Love This Week, Volume XLVI

Published January 3, 2014
Updated January 2, 2014
Dogs In Cars Pugs

Source: The Mirror

“Dogs In Cars”, The Most Joyous Calendar Known To Man

Dogs In Cars Husky

Source: The Mirror

Nothing–not even polluted and congested roadways–can keep a dog from sporting a deliriously happy grin while in the car. While Los Angeles county is known for having the highest per capita car population in the world and for keeping its residents in traffic for a total of four days a year, its dog denizens are nonplussed. Smiling while our blood pressure soars, these photos serve as a reminder that what might be a great inconvenience to us may be one of life’s great pleasures to others. For more, be sure to visit The Mirror.

Dogs In Cars Terrier

Source: The Mirror

Overlay Maps To Change How You See The World

If you’re looking for a full understanding of geography, avoid every world map you’ve ever seen in classrooms. The Mercator projection–the map most teachers use when introducing geographical themes to students–is nearly 450 years old and originally intended for nautical purposes. These traditional latitudinal and longitudinal lines distort the true size of continents and countries, ultimately providing for only false understandings on the size and scope of our world’s formations. Thankfully, the people at Business Insider have taken the Mercator projection to task, granting us fresh–and more accurate–insights into the very basics of our world.

Mesmerizing Photos Of Frozen Bubbles

Believe it or not, below-freezing conditions can be absolutely beautiful and filled with creative opportunities. Taking advantage of the 9-12 degree Fahrenheit environs, Washington-based photographer Angela Kelly and her son photographed bubbles as they froze mid-air and crashed to the ground. The bubbles’ in-air crystallization seemed like magic to the duo, and their unique composition on the ground proved to be great photographical fodder. See more of these soapy orbs at My Modern Met.