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Published February 5, 2016
Updated February 4, 2016

23 Of The World’s Most Ingeniously Weird Ads

Strange Ads Queer America 1

Germany’s Queer-Travel cheekily shows the other side of America. Image Source: Naldz Graphics

Estimates vary wildly, but it’s safe to say that most of us see thousands of “marketing messages” (if not advertisements, per se) each day. What might be even more surprising is that, reportedly, 99% of those messages have no impact. Thus it’s not at all surprising when advertisers have to resort to extraordinary measures in order to get our attention. And then, sometimes, they have to resort to some very bizarre measures. See more of the world’s weirdest ads in this surreal gallery.

Strange Ads Baby Mac 1

Sorry, McDonalds of India, but nobody is “lovin'” this. Image Source: The Strange List

Strange Ads Pictionary Dog 1

This French ad for Pictionary shows how your kids see the world. Image Source: Ads of the World

Rare, Vintage Photos Of Mod Women In The 1960s

Mod Girls

Image Source: www.vintag.es

In the late 1950s, a new subculture in fashion and music (particularly jazz) began to spread throughout Britain. At the time, the men and women who were spearheading the movement were called “modernists” because of their dedication to modern jazz. By the 1960s, when the media caught wind of the culture, they began to use the term “mod” to describe everything from their fashion to their music to their motor scooters. London quickly became known as the epicenter of this movement, which made a great impact on pop culture, and which eventually began to spread to other countries in the West. Check out more recently discovered ’60s mod portraits at Vintage Everyday.

Mod Girls 2

Image Source: www.vintag.es

Mod Girls Car Dress

Image Source: Vintage Everyday

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