Man Falls To His Death On Birthday After Posing For Photo [VIDEO]

Published January 11, 2018
Updated August 2, 2018
Published January 11, 2018
Updated August 2, 2018

The man was posing for a birthday photo when he lost his footing and tumbled over a cliff.

This is the shocking moment that a man fell to his death after posing for a birthday photo.

The man in the video is 38-year old Halil Dag, a father of eight, who posed near the historic Urfa Castle in Turkey for what he assumed was a harmless photo. In the video, Dag is seen standing atop a rock on the edge of a cliff overlooking a neighborhood.

After posing for the photo, Dag leaped off of the rock, seemingly to avoid a barbed wire fence. As he landed on the grassy land below him, he stumbled sideways, sliding down the side of the rock and eventually tumbling over the edge.

His friends rushed forward, capturing the entire scene on video.

The footage then worsens, as it switches to security camera footage from a Kurdish restaurant at the bottom of the cliff. For a moment nothing happens, and then Dag’s body can be seen dropping to the ground below.

Initially, Dag survived the fall and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. However, he was in critical condition when he arrived and was later pronounced dead.

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Katie Serena
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