Photo Farewells: The Last Known Photographs Of 27 Icons

Published August 5, 2014
Updated July 22, 2021

Reminding us of our own mortality, these last-known photographs of the world's most iconic figures are not to be missed.

Amelia Earhart's Final Photograph
Alan Rickman's Last Photograph
Challenger Crew
Robin Williams Last Photo
Photo Farewells: The Last Known Photographs Of 27 Icons
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The adage goes that pictures are worth a thousand words -- but could it be that last-known photographs are worth even more?

Even if you consider seeking out these kinds of photos to be a morbid pastime, these last-known photos serve as an apt reminder that even the best and brightest of us are not immune to the inevitable -- and that even perpetrators of unspeakable crimes will see their end.

Listen above to the History Uncovered podcast, episode 26: The Death Of Amy Winehouse, also available on iTunes and Spotify.

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