50 David Bowie Photos Even Hardcore Fans Probably Haven’t Seen

Published April 26, 2017
Updated September 29, 2017
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50 David Bowie Photos Even Hardcore Fans Probably Haven’t Seen
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David Bowie's unexpected death shook the world in 2016.

"At least the year can only get better from here," the blissfully ignorant humans of January thought.

After a singing, songwriting, and acting career that spanned five decades, the iconic performer had changed what it meant to be an innovator and an outsider.

His appeals for people to let their freak flags fly garnered him a fan base that verged on cultish and in the days following his death, teenagers born decades after his first album were still tearing up in the streets.

With his groundbreakingly androgynous fashions, wide-ranging voice, and ever-rotating cast of alter-egos, Bowie may be the single most inspiring artist to have ever come out of Britain.

"Ever unpredictable, the mercurial artist and fashion icon wore many guises throughout his life," Rolling Stone wrote after his death.

"Beginning life as a dissident folk-rock spaceman, he would become an androgynous, orange-haired, glam-rock alien (Ziggy Stardust), a well-dressed, blue-eyed funk maestro (the Thin White Duke), a drug-loving art rocker (the Berlin albums), a new-wave hit-maker, a hard rocker, a techno enthusiast and a jazz impressionist."

Above, we've gathered the 50 best David Bowie photos that document his constant and surprising evolution.

These images might make you miss him all over again, but they also prove that the singer was never really of this world anyway.

“I don’t know where I’m going from here," he said at Madison Square Garden on his 50th birthday. "But I promise it won’t be boring."

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