36 Iconic Images Of Johnny Cash

Published November 2, 2016
Updated November 24, 2018

For half a century, the Man in Black loomed large over music. These vibrant Johnny Cash photos help explain why.

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36 Iconic Images Of Johnny Cash
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Years after his death, the Man in Black continues to enthrall the world with his musical legacy, a body of work that captures moral struggle, loss, and a never-ending quest for redemption. But it isn't only music that tells the story — this revealing collection of Johnny Cash photos cuts straight to the heart of the serious, enigmatic musician.

Johnny Cash's musical career spanned approximately half a century. During that time, Cash amassed hit after hit, sold 90 million records, and was inducted into three separate halls of fame — country, rock and roll, and gospel.

But that's not to say that Cash's ride came without any complications. He struggled with depression and drug addiction throughout his life, afflictions that would sever relationships and threaten the future of his career — even his life.

His trials and tribulations were reflected in his music. His earliest memories were of his family's struggles during the Great Depression, an experience that rooted his sympathies and convictions firmly in the values of working class America, even as his own success brought him fame and fortune.

Cash Cadillac

Johnny Cash photos show a man who had made it big — but life was never easy.

The path wasn't always easy. His initial auditions were plagued by bad luck. In 1954, recently married and a newcomer to Tennessee, he auditioned for Sam Phillips, then Elvis Presley's producer, at the Sun Records studio by singing gospel music, the songs he learned as a child at his mother's knee.

But it turned out that Phillips was no longer interested in hymns. That, he said, was the music of the past. He wanted to produce the music of a new generation: rock and roll. And he wouldn't listen to young Johnny Cash until he came back with something fresh.

So that's what Cash did. He returned to audition with a new style, a smooth rockabilly sound that was as distinctive as it was evocative of Cash himself. It launched him straight to the top of the country music charts.

A young Johnny Cash displays his early style in a televised 1957 performance, well before he adopted the iconic all-black look of famous Johnny Cash photos.

But the price for success was high. As his career took off, he started to take barbiturates and amphetamines — initially to keep his energy up and ward off anxiety on tours.

His drinking and drug use landed him in jail on seven separate occasions, but never for more than a single night. For fans, his behavior simply made him a romantic outlaw — but his friends were getting worried.

Religion and fellow singer June Carter helped Cash get clean the first time, but the journey toward sobriety would be a long one. The torturous path, the mistakes, and the search for forgiveness are audible themes in Cash's music.

Johnny Cash explains for the first time why he always wears black.

From his musical highs to his drug-fueled lows, the rich, dark history of a music legend shines through some of the most iconic Johnny Cash photos.

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