Microscopic Nature: Winners Of The 2014 Olympus Bioscapes Competition

Published January 4, 2015
Updated January 5, 2015
Microscopic Photography Planthopper

9th Place: Dr. Igor Siwanowicz – HHMI Janelia Research Campus // Ashburn, VA, USA.
Green coneheaded planthopper with a dorsal view of gears. This demonstrates that gears- which were thought to be a human invention- exist in nature.
Technique: Confocal microscopy, magnification ca. 200x

Microscopic Photography Jumping Spider

Honorable mention: Mr. Francis Prior // Liverpool, UK.
Jumping Spider
Technique: Epi-illumination

Microscopic Photography Rat Brain

5th Place: Miss Madelyn May – Hanover, NH, USA.
The cerebral cortex of a rat
Technique: Confocal microscopy

Microscopic Photography Rat Cerebellum

2nd Place: Mr. Thomas Deerinck – National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research, University of California // San Diego, CA, USA.
The cerebellum of a rat
Technique: Multiphoton photography, 300x

Microscopic Photography Cricket Tongue

Honorable mention: Dr. David Maitland – Norfolk, UK.
The fan-like pattern of a cricket tongue
Technique: Differential interference contrast


Honorable mention: Mrs. Magdalena Turzańska – University of Wrocław // Poland.
Technique: Fluorescence, 125x

Diving Beetle Foot

Honorable mention: Dr. Igor Siwanowicz – HHMI Janelia Research Campus // Ashburn, VA, USA.
Part of the front foot of a giant diving beetle, featuring suction cups and hollow hairs
Technique: Confocal microscopy, ca. 100x

Microscopic Photography Wax Plant

Honorable mention: Mr. Oleksandr Holovachov – Nacka, Sweden.
Wax plant flower
Technique: ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence, image stack at 2x

Microscopic Photography Zebra Fish

10th Place: Dr. Philipp Keller – HHMI Janelia Research Campus // Ashburn, VA, USA.
Neural activity is shown in the brain of a zebrafish. Technique: Custom-built simultaneous multi-view light sheet microscopy
Co-prizewinners: Fernando Amat and Misha Ahrens

Microscopic Photography Worm Larva

6th Place: Dr. David Johnston – Southampton General Hospital Biomedical Imaging Unit // Southampton, UK
Magelonid polychaete worm larva.
Technique: Confocal microscopy using a 10x objective

Microscopic Photography Weevils

4th Place: Dr. Csaba Pintér – Keszthely, Hungary.
Phyllobius roboretanus weevils
Technique: Stereo microscopy

All images can be found on the Olympus Bioscapes competition page.

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