5 Of The World’s Best Modern Home Designs

Published July 5, 2014
Updated November 7, 2023

Forget picket fences or brownstones, these modern home designs offer simple elegance in the technological age.

Best Modern Home Designs

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The Best Modern Home Designs: Tadao Ando House in Monterrey, Mexico

Designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando this Mexican abode clearly highlights Ando’s inspiration, the Buddhist concept of Zen. Ando’s architectural style evokes simplicity and centers itself around internal feelings as opposed to external appearance. This explains, at least in part, Ando’s use of simple lines and vast amounts of water.

Tadao Ando Modern House

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Arthur Casas, Brazil

Arthur Casas

Source: Contemporist

Nestled in Sao Paulo, Brazil is Arthur Casas, a stunning visual display that convenes indoor comforts with outdoor elegance and stretches out into a beautiful golf course. Given its 1000 square meters of land, the home was obviously built with recreation in mind.

Arthur Casas Pool

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Arthur Casas Levels

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Raul House, Chile

Raul House Amazing Modern Home Designs

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This Chilean home offers spectacular views both indoor and out. Located in the hills surrounding the Aculeo Lagoon, the house was designed by and plays home to architect Mathias Klotz.

The single story dwelling is built on the side of a hill near Santiago and was designed with singularity in mind. Raul house offers continuous space and openness in the modernist architectural tradition. Oh, and it overlooks the Andes Mountains.

Raul House

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Villa Vista, Sri Lanka

Modern Home Designs Villa Vista

Source: Inhabitat

Designed by Shigeru Ban, this stunning house is situated on a hilltop and offers stunning essence and views of ocean, jungle and Cliffside. The modern domicile is made from concrete, coal teak and coconut leaves, and is part of a series of residences created post-tsunami.

Stunning Homes Villa Vista

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Villa Vista Pool

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House in Melides, Portugal

Best Modern Homes Melides

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Designed by Pedro Reis, this abode is a testament to simple elegance. Melides was created by placing two rectangular shapes across one another, and was conceptualized to reduce the scale of the building, as well as to split the area in two. Each area was supposed to promote a different dynamic in the home; one more exuberant, the other more intimate.

Melides Spain Modern House

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Pedro Reis Modern Home Design

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Next after looking at some of the world’s best modern home designs, step inside Antilia, the world’s most extravagant house.

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