50 Motivational Quotes From The World’s Most Successful People

Published November 3, 2014
Updated December 12, 2014

From Eleanor Roosevelt to Steve Jobs, enjoy these fifty inspirational and motivational quotes from people who have been successful in all walks of life:

Work Like Someone Is Trying To Take It Away

What Makes A Champion?

Winston Churchill Quote

Tina Fey On Opportunities

Vince Lombardi Motivational Quotes

Do Something Worth Writing

Steve Jobs Quote

The Small Efforts

Marissa Mayer

Successful People Motivational Quotes

Steve Wozniak Quotes

Stephen Hawking

Quotes On Becoming Successful

Motivational Quotes About Start Up

Motivational Quotes On Being Successful

Successful Quotes Katie Couric

Life Is Being Hungry

Motivational Quotes Michael Jordan

Motivational Quote From John Wooden

Motivational Quotes From Successful People

Motivational Quotes Jeff Bezos

Motivational Quotes About Business

Motivational Quotes For Work

Thomas Edison Quotes

Motivational Quotes From Successful People

Motivational Quotes Babe Ruth

Mark Cuban Quote

John Wooden Inspirational Quote

Leader And Follower

I've Failed Over And Over Again

John Quincy Adams Quote

Ignore Luck

If Things Are Not Failing

Arnold On Strength

Henry Ford On Working Together

Bruce Lee Motivational Quotes

Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes

Building A Reputation

Charge For Your Time

Coco Chanel On Being Different

Colin Powell Quotes

Ellen On Seeing Yourself

Do Something That Scares You

Entrepreneurial Quotes

Ellen On Seeing Yourself

John Wooden

Donald Trump Quote

Elon Musk Quote

George Patton Quotes

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

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