Phenomenal Nontraditional Sculptures And The Artists Who Make Them

Published September 8, 2014
Updated February 5, 2018


Nontraditional Sculptures Bottle

Two sculptures made out of recycled bottles Source: Surf Prevention

Many works of art try to have a profound message, but oftentimes that message is either misconstrued, lost in the composition itself, or hard to relate to on behalf of the audience. That is not the case with the fish sculptures on Botafogo Beach in Rio de Janeiro. Simple and sleek, these sculptures promote a direct cause to all viewers: protect the environment by using only plastic bottles.

Nontraditional Sculptures Purple Bottles

The sculptures look much more impressive at night Source: The Atlantic

These three fish are made entirely out of recycled bottles and a lighting installation which is placed inside of them and used to illuminate them at night. It was made in 2012—just in time for a very large UN summit regarding the environment.

Nontraditional Sculptures Recycle

The goal of the sculptures is to promote environmental awareness Source: Gessato

Nontraditional Sculptures: Toothpicks

Nontraditional Sculptures Large Toothpick

“Rolling through the Bay” by Scott Weaver Source: WordPress

You give most people a bunch of toothpicks and an empty room and they will eventually place them into a shape of some kind. It’s human nature. But some artists have recognized the toothpick’s potential for endeavors more glamorous than plucking broccoli from your teeth and have begun to use them to create art.

Nontraditional Sculptures Weaver

Weaver spent over 34 years working on this sculpture Source: Jacobson Home

The most ambitious toothpick artist of them all has to be Scott Weaver. Weaver has created a number of artworks out of toothpicks, although “Rolling through the Bay” is definitely his masterpiece. It is an abstract depiction of San Francisco and, even after 34 years, it is still not finished. Weaver is adding new components all the time. So far it contains over 100,000 toothpicks which have been gathered from all over the world.

Nontraditional Sculptures Toothpick Detail

Incredible detail goes into each tiny section of the sculpture Source: Good Mood

Nontraditional Sculptures Galleon Toothpick

Weaver also made this galleon Source: Blogspot

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