4 Beautiful, Bizarre, And Disturbing Earth Origin Stories

Published August 31, 2014
Updated February 20, 2019

Izanagi and Izanami: The Origin of Japan and Her People

We don’t know why Japan’s creation myth is so focused on bodily functions and violent sex, but maybe it helps to explain the culture that invented tentacle porn and cat-mops. Only read this if you have a strong stomach.

Origin Stories Izanagi Izanami

Source: Ukiyo-e

According to the Kojiki, or “The Japanese Record of Ancient Things,” the Japanese island of Onogoro was formed from the god Izanagi’s dried semen (i.e. the “salty substance” that “spilled” after he repeatedly thrusted his “jewel encrusted spear” into our planet’s “primal ooze”). Izanagi settled on the island with his wife, Izanami, who is the mother to eight Japanese islands.

They didn’t stop procreating there. Izanami became pregnant with Homusubi (fire incarnate), who burned her insides so badly that she lost control over her bodily functions, and, on her dying day, birthed the Vomit Gods, Kanayamahiko and Kanayamahime, the Urine Gods, Mitsuha no me and Wakumusubi, and The Feces Gods, Haniyasuhiko and Haniyasuhime. Officially making this the grossest origin story ever.

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