Pablo Escobar’s Drug Submarine Found Off Coast Of Colombia

Published January 25, 2018

The investigators believe that the sub could provide clues as to where Escobar's missing multi-billion dollar fortune was stashed.

Escobar Box

YouTubeThe box found at the scene, that likely fell from the submarine.

After years of searching, one of Pablo Escobar‘s famed drug-smuggling submarines has been found.

Former CIA agents Doug Laux and Ben Smith reportedly located the submarine off the coast of Colombia (the exact location has not been disclosed) and have been sending divers down in the hopes of locating Escobar’s rumored $50 billion fortune.

Escobar used submarines and is known to have had at least one of his own, to transport cocaine from Colombia to Puerto Rico where it would then be carried to Miami by speedboat. Rumors that his still-missing $50 billion fortune could be stashed in one of the narco-subs have swirled for years, making the discovery all the more valuable.

In a video clip, divers are seen scouring the seabed, looking for clues. One diver located a box, and a few scraps of metal, though so far no cash.

According to the CIA agents, who have spoken with former employees of Escobar, the submarines used by the kingpin could carry roughly 2,000 kilos of cocaine. In the 80s, submarines were an easy way to avoid being spotted by law enforcement.

Since Escobar’s demise, people across Colombia and the U.S. have been searching for the rumored $50 billion fortune that Escobar reportedly stashed throughout his homeland before his death. Laux and Smith depicted their own search in the new television show Finding Escobar’s Millions. The two believe that if anyone could find the cash, they could.

“My job in the agency was finding people – finding bad guys,” said Laux. “So, you have kind of that same scenario here, if it’s anything that somebody wants to keep a secret, and they keep in the dark, that’s kind of where Ben and I thrive at getting in there and shining some light on it.”

The sub was originally located after Laux and Smith found the place where the sub would regularly surface to be filled with drugs. After confirming the location with former employees, they sent divers down and located the sunken sub. Though the sub is in its original sunken location, the agents believe it was only recently uncovered, after a large storm shifted the sand on the seabed.

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Katie Serena
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