29 Absolutely Ridiculous Facts About Pablo Escobar

Published June 12, 2021
Updated June 16, 2021

From his pet hippos roaming Colombia to the grisly details of his death, these Pablo Escobar facts reveal history's most feared drug lord.

If you haven’t yet seen the Netflix original series Narcos, stop what you’re doing and pull out your laptop right now. Narcos stars Wagner Moura, Maurice Compote, and Boyd Holbrook, and details the rise of Pablo Escobar, the devastating Colombian kingpin who ruled the world’s most complex and far-reaching drug trade — and killed thousands in the process.

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar (left), next to an image of Wagner Moura, who plays Escobar on the show Narcos.

Escobar eclipses just about every drug kingpin in history. He started from nothing and in as little as a couple of decades, became one of the most powerful men in the world. Along the way, he did some truly staggering things:

Pablo Escobar's Zoo
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Pablo Escobar Cartel
Pablo Escobar Facts About His Young Life
29 Absolutely Ridiculous Facts About Pablo Escobar
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