What’s For Lunch At Schools Around The World?

Published February 12, 2015
Updated January 12, 2018
School lunch in the United States: hot dog with chili

School lunch in the United States: hot dog with chili. Source: Buzzfeed

Americans are often criticized for their relationship with food– we’re too fat; we eat too quickly; our food is greasy and unhealthy. For the most part, that may be true, but as much as we can learn from the eating habits of other countries, it’s also important not to take our food for granted. In a way, the school lunch provides us with a quick-and-dirty take on a given place’s culture, values and economic wellbeing. Take a look at these school lunches around the world and you’ll find that the United States lands somewhere between mediocre and decadent:

School lunches from the United States: Fried chicken nuggets, canned peas, potatoes
School lunches US
School lunches US hot dog
School Lunches Bento
What’s For Lunch At Schools Around The World?
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At times, American meal options seem terrible-- chicken nuggets and canned peas-- but some enterprising schools and government initiatives are making an effort to bring their kids quality food with culturally-sensitive touches. Still, it's better than what kids are eating in developing countries--most are lucky to have seasoning on a bowl of plain rice.

Chris Altman
Chris Altman is a freelancing writer and artist based out of Brooklyn, NY.
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