Inside The Most Disturbing Dungeons And Torture Chambers That Serial Killers Used To Torment Their Victims

Published October 23, 2022
Updated March 12, 2024

David Parker Ray’s “Toy Box”

David Parker Ray's Toy Box

RedditThe interior of David Parker Ray’s “Toy Box,” a trailer soundproofed and converted into a torture chamber.

“It’s gonna take a lot of adjustment on your part, and you’re not gonna like it a f—in’ bit. But I don’t give a big rat’s ass about that,” said David Parker Ray, the “Toy Box Killer,” in an audio recording he would play for his victims. “It’s not like you’re gonna have any choice about the matter. You’ve been taken by force, and you’re going to be kept and used by force.”

It is believed that Ray first began his rape-and-murder spree in the mid-1950s. It wouldn’t end until the late 1990s, when his final victim, Cynthia Vigil, escaped and led police to Ray’s trailer, inside of which he’d constructed a horrific torture room he called his “Toy Box.”

In the Toy Box, Ray and his girlfriend Cindy Hendy tortured over 50 women with whips, medical devices, electric shocks, and sexual instruments.

They made their victims call them “master” and “mistress,” and they recorded most of the rapes on video. David Parker Ray also kept a detailed diary outlining the torture and eventual murder of his victims.

Exterior Of The Toy Box

RedditThe exterior of David Parker Ray’s “Toy Box.”

In the center of the trailer was a table similar to those found in medical offices. On the ceiling above was a mirror so that Ray’s victims could see the horrors he was inflicting upon them.

Lining the walls and floor were whips, chains, pulleys, straps, clamps, bars used to spread legs apart, surgical blades, saws, and dozens of sex toys alongside a wooden contraption Ray used to immobilize his victims while he and his friends raped them.

Ray and Hendy drugged their victims, particularly with medications that induced amnesia and memory loss so the victims couldn’t properly recall what happened to them.

In addition to Hendy, Ray was also assisted by his daughter Glenda and his friend Dennis Roy Yancy.

Items From David Parker Ray's Trailer

YouTubeItems found in Ray’s trailer, including handcuffs and chains used to bind his victims.

After Ray’s arrest, police found detailed accounts of the murders of at least 50 women in Ray’s diaries, but given how long he had been killing and the depravity of his crimes, it is likely that Ray had many more victims who have never been found.

In the end, Ray was sentenced to a total of 224 years in prison.

David Parker Ray

Joe Raedle/Getty ImagesDavid Parker Ray, A.K.A the “Toy Box Killer.”

David Parker Ray ultimately died of a heart attack in May 2002, only one year into his sentence.

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