Mind-Blowing Infographic Reveals Star Wars Is Worth More Than Entire Countries

Published December 17, 2015
Updated September 21, 2018

Star Wars revenue is so staggering, it can only be compared to the wealth of entire nations.

Star Wars Revenue Infographic

Star Wars revenue source: Statistic Brain Research Institute; GDP sources: The World Bank, the C.I.A.; Graphic design by Callie Stewart for All That Is Interesting

When looking for a way to put total Star Wars revenue in perspective, we realized that comparing it to other films was pointless, and that we’d have to it compare to figures far larger…

A country’s gross domestic product (GDP) is the monetary value of all goods and services produced within its borders within a specified period of time. But, sparing all of us from the underlying economic theory, we can simply say that GDP has long been the primary measure of a country’s economic health and strength.

And while comparing the world’s GDPs to Star Wars revenue isn’t exactly apples-to-apples, it’s still staggering to note that the franchise’s $28 billion take dwarfs the GDPs of nearly 100 of the world’s countries. It’s also worth noting that, of that $28 billion, “only” a little over $4 billion comes from box office revenue. That $4 billion figure is itself dwarfed by the $5 billion-plus from home video sales and about $20 billion in licensing, which includes toys, books, apparel, and other consumer products.

Tomorrow, when the new film is released, that Star Wars revenue figure is only going to get bigger–much, much bigger.

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Callie Stewart
Callie Stewart is a writer, graphic designer, and photographer living in New York City. She is a big fan of anthropology, music, art, the written word, a good glass of wine and The Jerk.
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