10 Strange Phobias That Really Exist

Published April 23, 2014
Updated July 31, 2019

Strange Phobias: Omphalophobia

Fear OfBelly Buttons

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Do you hate touching (or someone else touching) your bellybutton? You may suffer from omphalophobia, or the fear of bellybuttons. Just the sight of an uncovered navel does some people in. While it may seem like a rare occurrence, there are a few celebrities that admit to having this reaction. Khloe Kardashian has said, “Bellybuttons are disgusting. I get chills every time I touch my belly.” Oh, the struggles of the wealthy.


Strange Phobias That Really Exist

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In what seems like the cruelest phobia of all, philophobia is the fear of falling in love. This may start out by obsessing over a broken relationship, and eventually culminate in the fear of experiencing heartbreak again. Most of us are able to bounce back over time, but philophobics start avoiding potential mates, and depending on the situation, may escalate into a scenario where all human contact is avoided.


Thinking Phobia

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Insensitive jokes aside, people that suffer from phronemophobia are scared of thinking. More specifically, they are afraid to be alone with their thoughts, and are said to have a faulty understanding of how the brain interprets ideas and reactions as separate things. They feel that if a certain thought enters their head, they will be powerless to stop it. Phronemophobics spend a lot of their time distracting themselves in order to keep deeper thoughts at bay.

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