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Published December 16, 2022

Medieval shipwreck found in a Norwegian lake, Neolithic sacrifice victim unearthed in Denmark, knight with an elongated skull discovered in Notre Dame.

Archaeologists In Norway Just Happened Upon A Medieval Shipwreck At The Bottom Of A Lake

Shipwreck Found In Norway

Norwegian Defence Research EstablishmentBecause of low wave activity in Lake Mjøsa, this ship has remained in near-perfect condition for as long as 700 years.

The largest lake in Norway, Mjøsa provides drinking water for 100,000 people across the country, so when officials raised concerns about health risks due to the hundreds of tons of surplus World War II munitions that had been dumped into the lake, a survey was launched. However, researchers never dreamed of stumbling upon a pristine shipwreck from the Middle Ages.

Found at the bottom of the lake, some 1,350 feet below the surface, this 33-foot vessel dates back as far as 700 years. And because of low wave activity in Lake Mjøsa, this ship has remained in near-perfect condition since the medieval period.

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A 5,000-Year-Old “Bog Body” Discovered In Denmark May Have Been A Victim Of Human Sacrifice

Bog Body Teeth

Lea Mohr Hansen, ROMUArchaeologists are hopeful that DNA can be extracted from the bog body’s 5,000-year-old teeth.

While examining the site of a future housing development near Stenløse, Denmark, archaeologists came across 5,000-year-old human bones. Sunk into a former bog, this “bog body” may have been a victim of Neolithic human sacrifice.

“When we saw the bones, we thought we’re on to something really exciting,” said Emil Winther Struve, a ROMU museum archeologist in Roskilde.

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Researchers Find The Remains Of A Medieval Knight With A Deliberately Elongated Skull Beneath Notre Dame

Sarcophagus From Notre Dame

LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP via Getty ImagesOne of the two sarcophagi discovered beneath Notre Dame.

In 2019, people across the world watched in horror as fire consumed the 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. But the tragedy has since produced unexpected archaeological delights. While preparing for the site’s restoration, experts came across two ancient sarcophagi — and one set of the remains has them scratching their heads.

The older of the two coffins appeared to contain a knight — his pelvic bones suggested he was an experienced horseman — who had a strangely elongated head.

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