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Published November 13, 2020

Nazi concentration camp unearthed in the Czech Republic, Cold War spy gadgets to go up for sale, prehistoric honey badger uncovered.

Nazi Camp Used During Little-Known Roma Holocaust Uncovered In The Czech Republic

Nazis Inspecting Roma Papers

German Federal ArchivesA Roma victim in Germany pleads with her Nazi interrogators during the Porajmos.

Though their story remains little-known, as many as 500,000 Roma and Sinti people were murdered during the Holocaust. By the end of the war, the Nazis murdered about a quarter of Europe’s Roma population during this genocide, known as the Porajmos.

Now, archaeologists in the Czech Republic have just uncovered one of the camps that the Nazis used to carry out this brutal mass murder.

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Cold War Soviet Spy Gadgets And Assassination Tools Set To Sell At Auction

Fialka Machine

KGB Espionage MuseumA Soviet version of the WWII Enigma code cipher machine, known as the Fialka.

California-based auction house Julien’s is set to unveil hundreds of Cold War-era weapons, artifacts, and relics next year. Around 400 items will be auctioned off from mid-January to February 13 — with some truly amazing gadgets for sale.

This unprecedented assortment of former weapons and historic artifacts isn’t just large and rare — it’s stunning. From guns that look like lipsticks and purses with hidden cameras to Soviet listening devices and Che Guevara’s high school report card, the collection is remarkably comprehensive.

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Remains Of Fierce Prehistoric Honey Badger Relative Uncovered In South Africa

Prehistoric Honey Badger Fossils

Alberto ValencianoPaleontologists found a trove of fossils belonging to M. benfieldi, a prehistoric relative of the modern honey badger.

The modern honey badger has a fearsome reputation, partly thanks to a certain viral video. And thanks to their sharp claws, thick skin, and bad attitudes, this reputation does seem to be deserved. But have you ever wondered what these animals’ prehistoric cousins were like?

Paleontologists have uncovered the 5 million-year-old remains of what appears to be a mammal similar to that of the present-day honey badger. The prehistoric fossils were dug up at the West Coast Fossil Park, a famous archaeological site in Langebaanweg, South Africa.

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