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Published November 5, 2021

Ancient Greek swords found in stunning condition, holding cells for gladiators uncovered at Roman amphitheater, and Britain's oldest skull discovered to be a possible hoax.

Ancient Greek Swords Found Intact After 3,200 Years Inside A Bronze Age Tomb

Pair Of Greek Swords

Greek Ministry of CultureArchaeologists just found these ancient Greek swords, which are so well-preserved that their wooden handles are still intact even after three millennia.

Archaeologists digging inside an ancient Greek necropolis just found three bronze swords dating back 3,200 years. These stunningly intact blades were unearthed at the base of two massive stacks of human skeletons that had been placed inside this massive tomb during the late Mycenaean era. To date, few blades from this period have been found in such good condition.

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Excavations At A Roman Amphitheater In England Just Revealed Holding Cells For Gladiators

Richborough Amphitheater Gladiator Cells

Jim Holden/English HeritageArcheologists have been aware of the amphitheater since 1849, but the holding cell for gladiators is a new discovery.

Today, the Roman-era amphitheater in Richborough, Kent, blends into the landscape. But it was once the site of violent gladiatorial combat, and archeologists with English Heritage have just come across a holding cell, called a “carcer,” where gladiators waited to fight.

With walls more than six feet tall, the cell once held “those who entered the arena to meet their fate, whether wild animals, criminals, or gladiators.”

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Carbon Dating Just Revealed The “Oldest” British Skull To Be Much Younger — And Possibly A Hoax

Greta Skull

David Adkins“Greta” was long assumed to be prehistoric but she’s actually medieval.

For decades, “Greta” the skull has reigned as the “Eve of England.” Since her discovery in 1943, anthropologists have believed that she was at least 10,000 years old and one of the world’s oldest human female remains. But radiocarbon dating says that Greta is, in fact, less than 1,000 years old. Now, some wonder if her discovery was a hoax.

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