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Published October 9, 2020

Viking temple to Odin and Thor unearthed, purported Abraham Lincoln deathbed photo found, hidden drawing under Mona Lisa uncovered.

1,200-Year-Old Viking Temple To Odin And Thor Unearthed In Norway

Digital Reconstruction Of Viking Temple

University Museum of BergenA digital reconstruction of the 8th-century Viking “god house” unearthed in Norway.

A 1,200-year-old Viking temple was just unearthed in Norway complete with a sacrifice pit and giant stone phallus. While this temple was used to worship Odin and Thor, experts also found that Vikings used it for fertility rituals, animal sacrifices, and drunken revelry.

“You would have a good mood, a lot of eating and a lot of drinking,” said archaeologist Søren Diinhoff. “I think they would have had a good time.”

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Lost Photo Of Lincoln Of His Deathbed Surfaces — But Some Historians Are Skeptical

Abraham Lincoln Deathbed Picture

DiscoveryThe purported Abraham Lincoln deathbed photograph.

A newfound photo allegedly depicting President Abraham Lincoln on his deathbed has some historians convinced — while skeptical experts are frustrated. The subject of Discovery’s new documentary Undiscovered: The Lost Lincoln, the picture’s 155-year journey is certainly unbelievable.

The image was reportedly captured mere hours after Abraham Lincoln’s assassination by John Wilkes Booth.

While some experts are thoroughly convinced this is the real deal, others are far more skeptical.

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Da Vinci’s Secret Drawing Underneath The ‘Mona Lisa’ Reveals How Different This Masterpiece Almost Was

Mona Lisa Hidden Drawing

Pascal Cotte via artnet NewsA study 15 years in the making revealed a hidden drawing underneath the Mona Lisa.

Centuries after its creation, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa still has secrets to reveal. Most recently, a high-tech study of the painting found a hidden drawing beneath the paint.

The sketch underneath the masterpiece was discovered by scientist Pascal Cotte who studied the Mona Lisa for more than 15 years.

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