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Published September 21, 2018

Woman who seduced and killed Nazis as a teen dies at 92, scientists unearth mummified Ice Age wolf pup, researchers find evidence of medieval female pope.

Nazi-Seducing Resistance Fighter Who Lured Germans To Their Deaths Dies At 92

Freddie Oversteegen

National Hannie Schaft Foundation

The world has lost an integral member of the Dutch resistance against the Nazis during World War II, the legendary Freddie Oversteegen.

On Sept. 5, a day before her 93rd birthday, Oversteegen passed away. As a teenager, she fought alongside her sister Truus to bring Nazis and Dutch traitors to justice, with her age and feminity as weapons.

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Mummified Ice Age Wolf Pup And Caribou With Skin And Fur Intact Discovered In Canadian Permafrost

Wolf Pup Caribou Remains

Government of YukonLeft: Wolf pup head, Right: Caribou

A group of miners digging for gold in Canada hit an archaeological jackpot when they discovered two amazingly well-preserved ice age animals.

According to a Yukon government statement, the mummified remains of a wolf pup and caribou were first unearthed in 2016 from the Klondike region of Canada and were unveiled on Sept. 13 at a ceremony in Dawson, Yukon.

The mammals are believed to be more than 50,000 years old but were found in extremely good condition when they were plucked from the permafrost.

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Rumored Female Pope Denied By Catholic Church For Centuries May Have Existed, New Evidence Shows

Pope Joan

Wikimedia CommonsA French illustration of Pope Joan.

A shocking discovery on ancient coins might prove once and for all the existence of a female pope.

Researchers from an Australian university examined ancient silver coins and believe that they found evidence proving that Pope Joan, the rumored first and only female pope of medieval legend, truly did exist.

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