7 Spectacular Tiny Homes That Prove Size Doesn’t Matter

Published May 7, 2015
Updated August 8, 2017
Amazing Tiny Homes

Source: Daily Mail

Tiny homes are sprouting up all over the world, in both highly urbanized cities and some of the earth’s most remote locales. For some people, the benefits are endless: tiny homes are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and perfect for those who want to start living out and about in the world. Yet for the rest of us, tiny home living sounds adventurous–if not impossible–like we’ve swallowed one too many of Alice’s pills in Wonderland.

Yet for people who are looking to cut costs, today’s tiny homes boast not only a small up-front purchase price, but also cost a lot less to keep going. One tiny home costs just a few thousand dollars to build, and mere dollars to maintain.

Plus, eco-friendly designers and high-end architects are dreaming up new ways to configure these tiny houses to maximize livability and usability, so, for the most part, residents no longer have to give up their creature comforts. Just let these 7 incredible abodes do the talking:

Amazing Tiny Homes: The Hut On Sleds

Despite measuring in at 430 square feet, the Hut on Sleds was designed with function, safety, comfort and local regulations in mind. The two-story, steel-framed home can close up when weather conditions on the New Zealand shoreline get rough or be moved using the structure’s two wooden “sleds” should the country’s coastal erosion zone creep too close for comfort.

Ladders carry residents to bed or to the roof, with each level offering a picturesque view of the far-off Mercury Islands. The Hut on Sleds was designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects and was featured in Vogue:

Hut on Sleds Beautiful Interior
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7 Spectacular Tiny Homes That Prove Size Doesn’t Matter
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