7 Spectacular Tiny Homes That Prove Size Doesn’t Matter

Published May 7, 2015
Updated August 8, 2017

Source: ÁBATON


Think of the ÁPH80 as a fresh, updated take on the mobile home. Designed by ÁBATON, these tiny homes can be assembled within a single day, and are perfect for couples who are constantly relocating, as the entire micro-home can be easily transported by truck.

The ÁPH80’s open layout maximizes space by sectioning off three distinct areas: bathroom, bedroom, and a lounge/kitchen area. While the interior is simple, it allows residents to enjoy their environment by providing a number of large windows.

APH80 Bathroom
Tiny Houses APH80
Transportable Tiny Homes APH80
View from Window of APH80
7 Spectacular Tiny Homes That Prove Size Doesn’t Matter
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