9 True Scary Stories That Are Almost Too Creepy To Believe

Published October 26, 2015
Updated October 27, 2020

Scary Stories Of The Hotel Del Salto, Colombia’s Cliffside Suicide Palace

Scary Stories Hotel Del Salto

Wikimedia CommonsThough it was a popular vacation destination in the 1920s, the Hotel del Salto soon garnered a far darker reputation.

Thrill-seekers traveling to Colombia will likely be attracted to the true scary stories surrounding the Hotel Del Salto, a former hotel-turned-museum purported to be one of the most haunted places in the country.

Hotel del Salto, which translates literally to “hotel of the leap,” has allegedly been haunted since it was first constructed as a mansion in 1923. It was designed by architect Carlos Arturo Tapias, who was inspired by the French architectural aesthetic that was popular during the time.

Its location overlooking the famous Tequendama Falls gave the mansion breathtaking views. But, according to some creepy stories, the falls may also be the source of its alleged hauntings.

Hotel Del Salto At Tequendama Falls

Wikimedia CommonsThe once-abandoned and allegedly haunted hotel has since become a popular museum, but locals still tell creepy stories about what goes on at the hotel after dark.

The mansion was the scene of many lavish parties and, by 1928, was turned into a popular hotel. But then, the horrific tragedies began. Hotel patrons inexplicably leaped to their deaths out of their windows. At least one homicide took place there, when a guest brutally murdered a young socialite in one of the rooms, splattering the walls with her blood.

Meanwhile, guests of the notorious Hotel Del Salto claimed to witness spooky apparitions that appeared around the hotel at night — including the ghost of the murdered socialite.

In local legends, Tequendama Falls is said to have been where many people of the Indigenous Muisca tribe escaped from Spanish colonizers by leaping off the nearby cliff centuries before.

True Scary Stories Hotel Del Salto

Luis Alveart/FlickrThe Hotel del Salto sits on cliffs as tall as 500 feet.

Though the native legend says the Muisca were incarnated into flying eagles as they jumped off the cliff — thus surviving the brutal plunge — locals believe the land has since been cursed by the Muisca, some of whom may have not survived their attempts to escape the Spanish invaders.

Even after it was shuttered in the 1990s, scary stories about the hotel continued to emerge. Some claim that loud screams can still be heard coming from the abandoned hotel. Additionally, they say that the constant mudslides on the road to reach the property and the stench from the heavily polluted river water further prove paranormal activity on the grounds.

Today, the once run-down hotel has been converted into a sleek and stylish cultural museum. Curious visitors can tour the former hotel but only during business hours — which end at 5 p.m., well before scary stories say the ghosts appear.

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