The World’s 7 Ugliest Animals

Published January 5, 2014
Updated December 1, 2017
Published January 5, 2014
Updated December 1, 2017

Ugliest Animals: The Woolly Bat

Known by a slew of names including the common woolly bat and Hardwicke’s forest bat, Hardwicke’s woolly bat looks like it belongs in a horror film. This bat, which resides in parts of Asia and China, usually lives in the forest understory, building its home in hollow trees and piles of dead leaves. While little is known about the Hardwicke woolly bat, scientists have recently noticed these creatures roosting above the digestive fluids within carnivorous plants.

Ugliest Animals Woolly Bats

Source: Flickr

While it’s easy to see why the Hardwicke woolly bat made our list, this creature’s ugliness might actually be a family trait! Other woolly bat species like the big eared woolly bat boast similarly odd appearances.

Ugliest Animals Big Eared Woolly Bat

Source: Project Noah

Ugliest Animals Wooly Bat Fluids

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