Visualizing Climate Change, A Moving Look At Climate Change’s Impact

Published October 8, 2012
Updated December 21, 2017

Visualizing Climate Change: Melting Permafrost In Russia

Visualizing Climate Change Permafrost Tundra

Not even ancient permafrost is safe from climate change. This aerial photo, taken in the Yamal Peninsula, features age-old Russian tundra permafrost slowly melting due to rising temperatures.

Visualizing Climate Change: Droughts In Australia

Australian Drought From Climate Change

Australian farmers and grazers are suffering greatly from the droughts plaguing their hallowed and once profitable environs, especially those who rely on the Murray-Darling river system. Thus it is safe to say that climate change is capable of causing increased economic hardships–not solely environmental ones.

Jharia Coal Mine Illegal Pickers

Jharia Coal Mine Illegal Pickers

In what once was a chest full of high-quality coking coal now rests a smoldering pit. Thanks to swarms of fires, one of India’s most important coal mines is now little more than a toxic, slow-burning inferno that threatens the livelihood of the tribes that live nearby.

Sea Ice At The Petermann Glacier

Sea Ice at the Petermann Glacier

This photo captures what is known as basal or submarine melting–i.e. when a glacier’s base begins to thin due to exposure to warmer waters or foreign mineral deposits.

Cleared Land For Farming

Cleared Land For Farming

As this photo demonstrates, cultivation and farming suffer as climate change may rid regular–and necessary–rainfall from regions that rely on it for their economic well-being.

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Savannah Cox holds a Master's in International Affairs from The New School as well as a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, and now serves as an Assistant Professor at the University of Sheffield. Her work as a writer has also appeared on DNAinfo.
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