The 18 Weirdest Items To Ever Wash Up On The Beach

Published February 1, 2018
Updated March 13, 2018

The ocean has always been full of weird marine life. But how do you explain robot arms and disembodied feet?

Large Lego Man On Beach
Cocaine Bricks
Disembodied Foot And Shoe
German U-Boat SM U-118
The 18 Weirdest Items To Ever Wash Up On The Beach
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There's a lot of weird stuff floating in the oceans right now, and that's not even counting the weird animals and various living things that call the deep blue their home.

The many ocean currents then carry these objects until they wash up on a beach to be discovered by various passers-by. There are the mundane, everyday objects such as plastic bottles that bob around aimlessly until they get eaten by some unfortunate animals.

Then there's the full blown-weird, like millions of dollars worth of cocaine. Or a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that floated from Japan to British Columbia because of a tsunami.

Of course, there's also the completely baffling, such as the piano that just randomly showed up under the Brooklyn Bridge. Then there's the random robot arm that was found on a Staten Island beach.

Even without all the sea-monsters that end up dead on a beach, there's lots of interesting stuff to find.

From giant Lego men to bananas to lots of bombs, here are some of the weirdest items to end up on a beach.

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