What We Love This Week: The Incredible Last Words Of Famous Historical Figures

Published October 30, 2015
Updated November 4, 2015
Published October 30, 2015
Updated November 4, 2015

This week’s best: Bone-chilling vintage halloween masks for kids, the most bizarre death rituals worldwide, the last words of famous historical figures, a stunning 7,000 jack-o’-lantern display, and what’s actually inside some of your favorite foods.

Bob Marley Smile

“Money can’t buy life.”–Bob Marley. Image Source: Vintage Everyday

Incredible Last Words Of Famous Historical Figures

Sometimes you get pure, unadulterated truth (“I’m bored with it all.”–Winston Churchill). Sometimes you get lies (“Ok, I won’t.”–Elvis Presley, promising his fiancee he wouldn’t fall asleep in the bathroom where he nodded off and died of a drug overdose later that night). Sometimes you get non sequiturs (“Kurt Russell”–Walt Disney). Either way, the last words of these famous figures are by turns haunting, heartbreaking, and illuminating. Read more at Vintage Everyday.

Winston Churchill Bowler Bowtie

“I’m bored with it all.”–Winston Churchill. Image Source: Vintage Everyday

James Dean Jacket Cigarette

“That guy’s got to stop… He’ll see us.”–James Dean. Image Source: Vintage Everyday

7,000 Jack-O’-Lanterns Take Crazy Shapes

Jack O Lantern T Rex

Image Source: Smithsonian

With over 200 people carving over 12,000 pumpkins (that’s about 150,000 pounds)–and replacing up to 1,500 rotted pumpkins each week, it’s no surprise that The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze puts on a stunning show that attracts some 130,000 visitors. Held each fall since 2005 in upstate New York (fittingly not far from Sleepy Hollow), the Blaze takes pumpkin carving to a new level, offering dinosaurs, 20-foot spiderwebs, and even a pumpkin planetarium. Explore more at Smithsonian.

Jack O Lantern Serpent

Image Source: Smithsonian

Jack O Lantern Aliens

Image Source: Smithsonian

The World’s Five Most Shocking Death Rituals

Dani Finger Amputation

The severed fingers of a Dani tribesman. Image Source: All That Is Interesting

As Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky famously said, you can tell a lot about a society by how it treats its prisoners. The same is certainly also true of a society’s death rituals. So, while it’s easy for us to simply dismiss the Tibetan groups that leave their corpses for the vultures as barbaric, it’s far more interesting to learn why they do so. Same goes for the Indonesians that dress up their corpses and parade them around the village or the New Guineans that mutilate their own fingers. Discover the fascinating reasons behind five of the world’s most shocking death rituals.

Dressed Up Corpses

An Indonesian man performs The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses. Image Source: All That Is Interesting

Weird Death Rituals No Fingers

A Dani tribesman with severed fingers. Image Source: All That Is Interesting

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