What We Love This Week, Volume CXI

Published February 27, 2015
Updated February 26, 2015
World Photography Ukraine

Anti-government protestors in Kiev, Ukraine. Source: World Photo

The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

World Photography Bug

A fly on water. Source: World Photo

Hopefully the judges of this year’s Sony World Photography Awards didn’t have any major plans for the month of February (or the foreseeable future); they have over 173,000 photos to review. People from 171 countries submitted their shots to the World Photography Organisation, with subjects ranging from political protest to mountain peaks to West Africa’s Ebola outbreak. WPO has been kind enough to release its short list of potential winners, which you can view here.

World Photography Chicken

A man bathes his fighting bird. Source: World Photo

Inside Japan’s “Naked Festival”

Naked Festival Close

Nearly 10,000 men battle to grab a pair of lucky sticks thrown by priests in the “Naked Festival”. Source: The Atlantic

When we think of festivals that involve excessive amounts of skin, people and generally bad decisions, Mardi Gras immediately comes to mind. But Okayama’s Naked Festival gives Mardi Gras a run for its money. Each year, 10,000 men gather before the Saidaiji Temple and wait for priests to drop “lucky” talismans into the crowd, which these men will fight to find. Searching for sacred objects in a massive crowd isn’t nearly as fun if you’re wearing clothes, so naturally these men are only wearing loincloths. Oh, and cards which list their name, blood type and emergency contacts in the likely event that they’re hurt. See more specs of the festival at The Atlantic.

Naked Festival Talisman

Winners hold the talisman. Source: The Atlantic

Naked Festival Men

Source: The Atlantic

Behind The Scenes Portraits From The Vanity Fair Oscars Party

Oscars After Party Inarritu

Alejandro González Iñarrítu (Winner, Best Director) Source: Bored Panda

The Oscars aired last Sunday, but most of us peons were not able to see what happened after Sean Penn made an off-color joke and the screen faded to black. Luckily for us, photographer Mark Seliger sated our voyeurism in his excellent series of celebrity portraits just after the ceremony finished and right before they hit the after parties. Our personal favorite is of Alejandro González Iñarrítu, but you can see the rest at Bored Panda.

Oscars After Party Eddie

Eddie Redmayne (Winner, Best Actor) Source: Bored Panda

Oscars After Party Mindy

Mindy Kaling Source: Bored Panda

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