What We Love This Week, Volume CXI

Published February 27, 2015
Updated February 26, 2015

An ISIS Gift Shop In Istanbul, Turkey

ISIS Gifts Militant

A Western style tea mug with a militant commander’s portrait on the side. Source: Time Lightbox

First, there were ISIS pancakes; now there are ISIS coffee mugs. Apparently the brutal terror cell is not content with cementing itself into our memories through their acts alone; they’ve got to do so through kitsch and breakfast cookware. While strolling around the suburban streets of Istanbul, Turkey last summer, British photographer Guy Martin stumbled into a gift shop which sold ISIS memorabilia. Martin took these photos days after James Foley’s murder, and the clerks who allowed him to do so denied any association or knowledge of terrorism. Learn more about Martin’s experience at Time Lightbox.

ISIS Gifts Keychain

A keyring with the iconography of the seal of the prophet. Source: Time Lightbox

ISIS Gifts Mug

A western style tea mug with the icopnography of Islamic State on the side. Source: Time Lightbox

The Surreal Art Of Ralph Steadman

Creative energy is often really harnessed when shared, and the relationship between Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman is no exception. Virtually anything that Thompson produced during his career featured Steadman’s wonderfully bizarre illustrations, which greatly complemented the out-there, Gonzo brand of journalism that Thompson pioneered in the latter quarter of the 20th century.

Steadman’s images are instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the enigma that was Hunter S. Thompson. And thanks to Johnny Depp’s brilliant portrayal of Thompson in 1998’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, another generation was introduced to the often misunderstood writer as well as Steadman’s sensory twisting and thought-provoking drawings. Not only is Steadman’s work used for the Criterion Edition cover art of the film, but Fear and Loathing director Terry Gilliam thoughtfully (and effectively) assaulted the audience with Steadman’s often drug-fueled images throughout the film. Check out more of Steadman’s work at All That Is Interesting.

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