What We Love This Week, Volume CXLIV

Published October 16, 2015
Updated October 15, 2015
North Korea Parade Candles

Image Source: The Atlantic

North Korea’s Latest Surreal Military Demonstration

North Korea Color Coordination

Image Source: The Atlantic

It’s hardly surprising that North Korea would stage a massive military demonstration to mark 70 years of Workers’ Party rule. It is, on the other hand, surprising that they would allow foreign photographers as much access as they did. The goal, no doubt, was to present to the world a strong, proud nation that can conquer any foe (namely the United States). The images, however, present an eerily hollow ghost town whose idea of military might, and thus national identity, are bound to ideas and iconography now more than a half century old. See more at The Atlantic.

North Korea People Flag

Image Source: The Atlantic

The Natural History Museum Chooses The Best Wildlife Photos Of The Year

Whale School Of Fish

Image Source: This Is Colossal

Britain’s Natural History Museum sifted through 42,000 photographs from 96 countries before selecting the winners of the 51st annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest. And from a fox showdown in the Arctic to a bird showdown in the Czech Republic, the winners’ greatness demonstrates just how tough the competition was this year. See the results and read the fascinating stories behind the images at This Is Colossal.

Gecko Silhouette Trees Underneath

Image Source: This Is Colossal

Scarlet Ibis Sand Sky

Image Source: This Is Colossal

The World’s Most Dangerous Walkway Has Reopened

Throughout the 20th century, locals near Málaga, Spain would traverse a five-mile pathway to get where they needed to go. That pathway, El Caminito Del Rey, was, however, perched on the side of a cliff, 350 feet above the Guadalhorce River. Over time, thrill seekers flocked to the pathway and repeated use led to wear and tear. In 1999 and 2000, a total of fiver hikers died while trying to cross the beaten-down path. But earlier this year, El Caminito Del Rey finally reopened, and with reservations to cross it booked months in advance, there is apparently no shortage of adventurers in this world. Find more info and some stunning (or terrifying, as the case may be) photos here.

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