What We Love This Week, Volume CXXXI

Published July 17, 2015

The Surreal Beauty Of Geometric Art

The idea behind Brooklyn-based graphic designer Victoria Siemer’s “Geometric Reflections” series is simple–wonderfully, elegantly simple. She folds and mirrors her landscapes until she’s created a new world both jarringly surreal and strangely serene. Forests, mountains, beaches, and cities all become wholly new after Siemer has gotten through with them. Find more of her series at My Modern Met.

Colorful, Mystical, And (Sometimes) Fatal: The World’s Coolest Mushrooms

Mushrooms Amethyst Deceiver Purple

Amethyst Deceiver, Source: All That Is Interesting

They’re used as food, medicine, recreational drugs, sources for dyes, and even fire starters. They can be either very good for you or very bad for you. They come in countless shapes, colors, and sizes and are found all over the world. They glow, sprout, and even explode. And as interesting as mushrooms are, they’re just as interesting looking. Discover the neon ones, webbed ones, hairy ones, toothed ones, and more in this astonishing gallery.

Mushrooms Mycena Chlorophos Glowing

Panus fasciatus, Source: All That Is Interesting

Mushrooms Panus Fasciatus Purple

Mycena chlorophos, Source: All That Is Interesting

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