What We Love This Week, Volume VII

Published April 5, 2013
Updated September 1, 2017

What If We Had A Planet Instead Of A Moon?

Left and right brainers alike have been transfixed with the moon for centuries, but what if it were Saturn’s imposing rings, not the bright face of Eva Luna, that illuminated the night sky each and every sundown? Scientist and artist Ron Miller’s recent series of digitally-altered art gives us an answer. Tapping into the wells of science and imagination at once, where Miller is loyal to the moon’s distance from Earth and each respective planet’s size in his renderings, he also takes a formidable amount of creative license in assuming that each new “moon”‘s composition would be compatible with our own. The result is a surreal, mesmerizing interpretation of space as seen by humans and one that is difficult to forget. For more, visit My Modern Met.

The Extraordinary Heights Of A Ukrainian Daredevil

To most, personal joys include things like solving crossword puzzles, sipping on a Corona in the summer sun or simply sleeping in on the weekends. But for Kiev-based daredevil “Mustang Wanted”, nothing says delight quite like hanging off various buildings in Moscow without any ropes or safety nets. To see more of Mustang clinging onto other modern Muscovite monoliths, head over to The Roosevelts.

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