What We Love This Week, Volume XVI

Published June 7, 2013
Updated September 1, 2017

An Insider’s Look At The X Games Barcelona

A couple weeks ago, the X Games swept through the Spanish city of Barcelona. And in its wake, those of us unable to attend the extreme sports festivities are left with some absolutely incredible photographic coverage of it. Head over to The Roosevelts for more high-quality and even higher octane images of the athletes who would make Isaac Newton have a field day.

Costa Rica’s Amazing Self-Sustaining Treehouse Community

At a time of unprecedented rainforest destruction, it might seem strange that construction could be a viable way to combat it. Case in point: Erica and Matt Hogan’s completely sustainable treehouse community, Finca Bellavista. Equipped with dining halls, bath houses, campfire rings and even a wifi zone, the appearance of this 21st century community within timeless tree canopies has effectively prevented the degradation of 600 acres of sacred Costa Rican rainforest. My Modern Met has some more great images if you’d like to take a gander at this Costa Rican “crusoe”.

Leo Caillard’s Classic Sculptures With Contemporary Clothing

Street Stone 1

Source: Behance

Classic statues can often be some of the most difficult art to enjoy, if not simply due to the medium-related fact that, despite the obvious technical ingenue exhibited by their creators, they don’t exhibit much character and are incredibly challenging for the viewer to relate to. That’s why when photographer Leo Caillard teamed up with retoucher Alexis Persani to remake classic statues donning contemporary street gear, philistines and fun-loving art fiends could rejoice. As evidenced in Behance’s gallery, Rodin works are more relatable than ever and we can’t get enough of it.

Street Stone 2

Source: Behance

Street Stone 3

Source: Behance

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