What We Love This Week, Volume XXV

Published August 9, 2013
Updated September 1, 2017

The 2013 Winners Of The National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

The 25th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest came to a close this past week as expert judges selected the best live action or landscape shots from an incredible pool of over 15,500 entries. While winning shots greatly varied in terms of subject and location, they were all similar in that they showcased what a rich array of sights and experiences this world has to offer. To take part in a Brazilian aquathlon or explore the savanna in an African safari without leaving your home, be sure to scroll through National Geographic’s fantastic gallery.

Ant Wars

Ant Wars Red Brown

Source: Design Taxi

Be it their Spartan strength or system of societal organization, the structures they create or the debilitating pain they’re capable of wielding, ants have always proved a source of fascination–and occasionally frustration–for people the world over. Locked in heated, territorial dominance-related conflict, photographer/biologist Alex Wild captures these angry ants at a macro level, revealing the striking similarities we have with our microscopic neighbors. Said Wild, “the worst enemies of ants are often other ants”, and the same can easily be said with respect to people. For more ants in combat, check out Design Taxi’s amazing photographic spread.

Ant Wars Two Black

Source: Design Taxi

Ant Wars Multiple

Source: Design Taxi

Refugees’ Most Important Things

Most Important Thing Mali

Source: Visual News

As many of us complain about a poorly-functioning electronic device or a disappointing TV episode, tens of millions of people the world over are abandoning their homes, parting with their families, and greeting an uncertain future fraught with adversity and isolation. In partnership with the United Nations Refugee Agency, New York-based photographer Brian Sokol highlights some of those current 43.7 million refugees who have made the indescribably difficult decision to abandon everything they know as a matter of self-preservation and survival. From Mali to Sudan to Syria, Sokol took sobering black and white photos of refugees along with their most prized possessions–most of which were family members. The result is a stunning and incredibly powerful photo essay that compels us to question our own values and materialism in light of the struggles–and staggering bravery–of others. Visit Visual News for more.

Most Important Thing Sudan

Source: Visual News

Most Important Thing Syria

Source: Visual News

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