What We Love This Week, Volume XXVI

Published August 16, 2013
Updated September 1, 2017

The Infinitely Amazing Company Of Literary Characters

As more and more book stores close their doors and people swap timeless literary figures for of-the-moment TV personalities, some of literature’s finest characters are running the risk of becoming homeless. In an advertising campaign for Steimatzky, Israel’s oldest and largest chain of bookstores, advertising agency ACW Grey provides an alternate vision. Aptly operating with the phrase “The right book will always keep you company,” ACW foresees a world where voracious readers can slumber with the wisdom of Gandalf and have dreams as sharp and detailed as Sherlock Holmes’ mind so long as there are shops around that provide them with the necessary tools: good books. To see the full cast of potential bedmates, visit I Believe In Advertising.

Spreading Awareness Of HIV Through Digital Art

HIV Photography Pinks Teals

Source: CG Society

Given their microscopic size, many make the mistake of treating viruses with the same degree of consideration. The consequences of that lapse in judgment can prove fatal, especially in the case of HIV/AIDS. To highlight the virus’ significance in a “viral” manner, the CG Society invited digital artists around the world to submit their renditions of HIV in the bloodstream for review. The winner was Ukrainian Alexey Kashpersky, who hand-drew the virus first on paper, and then used digital editing software to fill out his sketch and give it dimension. You can read more about Kashpersky’s incredible process and see other entrants at CG Society.

HIV Photography Black Orange

Source: CG Society

HIV Photography Macro

Source: CG Society

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