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Published February 19, 2016
Updated February 18, 2016

Meet The Kurds Fighting To Preserve A Better Iraq

Kurds Tent

Kurds picnic while battles rage mere miles away. Image Source: National Geographic

Russia, Iran, and the United States come quickly to mind when we think of the countries we’re hoping will defeat ISIS. But perhaps the most effective forces so far are comparatively less written about: the Kurds. Viewing the rise of ISIS as both a threat to their quest for official statehood and a way to gain international support for it, Kurdish people — both women and men — have spent years fending off the radical Islamist group, often succeeding more than their more “sophisticated” peers. National Geographic headed to Iraqi Kurdistan to talk to the Kurds about what’s at stake — and why they continue to fight.

Kurds Suit

Principal Mudhafer Abdul Nari prepares to oversee classes for hundreds of students in the Arbat camp. Image Source: National Geographic

Kurds Volleyball

Kurdish troops called peshmerga play volleyball behind the front lines. Image Source: National Geographic

Was Abraham Lincoln Our First Gay President?

Lincoln Crossed Arms

Abraham Lincoln. Image Source: All That Is Interesting

The speculating about Abraham Lincoln’s sexuality has been going on since before he even took office. And, to be sure, that speculation has some compelling evidence behind it. Discover the story of Joshua Speed, with whom Lincoln shared a room — and a bed — as a young man. Then hear the tale of Captain David Derickson, Lincoln’s bodyguard and another man that shared his bed. See and hear more here.

Captain Derickson

Captain David Derickson. Image Source: All That Is Interesting

Joshua Speed

Joshua Speed. Image Source: All That Is Interesting

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