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Published October 7, 2016
Updated October 6, 2016

Vintage Snake Charming Photos From Early 20th Century Circuses

Female Snake Charmer Vintage

Vintage Everyday

If you loathe and/or fear snakes, then photos like these are surely more than you can bear. And if you’re fascinated by snakes — or at least by outlandish circus performances — then photos like these are exactly your cup of tea. But, either way, you’ve got to admit that snake charming at this level is quite a feat.

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Female Snake Charmer

Vintage Everyday

Female Snake Charmers

Vintage Everyday

Life Inside The Most Crowded City On Earth

Father Son River Og

NOEL CELIS/AFP/Getty ImagesA father and son on a makeshift styrofoam boat paddle through the Pasig River.

Life inside Manila, Philippines is incredibly cramped. More than 1.78 million people call the Filipino capital home, however tight a fit it is: Indeed, this city holds 110,000 people per square mile, making Manila the most densely populated major city on Earth.

These surreal photos show you what life is like inside Manila’s borders.

Newborns Moms Og

Paula Bronstein/Getty ImagesMothers and their newborns share space on a single bed after giving birth.

Prison Stairs Og

NOEL CELIS/AFP/Getty ImagesPeople sleep on the steps inside the Quezon City jail.

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