Police Searching For Woman In Broken Shackles Caught On Home Security Camera

Published August 28, 2018
Updated April 24, 2020

The unknown woman rang multiple doorbells in a Texas neighborhood before she mysteriously vanished — and nobody seems to know who she is.

Shackled Woman

Montgomery County Sheriff’s OfficeA still image from the home surveillance footage that was captured before the mystery woman seemingly disappeared.

Texas Police have been on the search for a distressed, unidentified woman who was recorded by a home surveillance camera in Montgomery County, TX.

Deputies say that the incident occurred on Aug. 24 at around 3:30 a.m. The woman appears to be partially clothed, wearing only a t-shirt with no pants nor shoes on. What’s more disturbing is that the woman seems to have a broken set of shackles on both her wrists.

Shackles Woman

Montgomery County Sheriff’s OfficeAnother still image from the surveillance footage released by police.

The surveillance footage shows the woman coming out from a bush — where she may have been hiding — to ring the doorbell, and after she rings it she nervously looks over her shoulder.

By the time the home’s residents got to the front door, the woman had reportedly disappeared.

The home’s residents have shared the video with law enforcement. Montgomery Police have posted the video to their Facebook page and are asking that anyone with information regarding the woman’s identity to reach out to their department.

According to the local news station KTRK, the woman didn’t just ring the doorbell of one home. Neighbors say that she quietly rang multiple doorbells before disappearing. Each time she rang, the residents didn’t get downstairs fast enough to find out who she was and whether she needed help.

Police have only currently shared the one piece of home surveillance footage thus far, and it is unclear how much more evidence law enforcement has collected regarding this investigation.

The Montgomery Country Sheriff’s Office issued a statement to the media on Aug. 26 regarding the matter. It said, in part:

“Numerous citizens in the state and outside have sent missing persons flyers suggesting the woman in the video is a missing person from their area. Deputies and Detectives are reviewing these flyers for any similarities, but as of now, none are believed to be the woman in the video.

There are no missing person’s reports from the area that match the individual. Deputies have canvassed the area, completed door to door check and interviews of residencies as well as businesses in the area.”


This type of incident is said to be out of the ordinary for this specific neighborhood. “I’ve got a 9-year-old daughter at home. It worries me what’s going on in the neighborhood,” said neighbor Branson Golson in an interview with KTRK.

“The look on her face, but she was being very very quiet… she just looked distressed,” said another neighbor.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is asking that anyone who recognizes the woman or has any information to call 936-760-5800.

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