Woman Screams At Veteran With PTSD Service Dog In Restaurant [VIDEO]

Published September 21, 2017
Published September 21, 2017

She can be heard screaming in the video, "It should be a separate section for a f***ing animal!"

A video of a woman berating a veteran over the presence of his service dog in a Delaware restaurant has sparked angry responses from across the internet.

In the video, taken last Friday at Kathy’s Crab House in Delaware City, one can see a woman, later identified as Ciara Miller, yelling that she is “leaving because the food is nasty and there’s a dog.”

Miller demands multiple times for the dog, a Great Dane with the words “PTSD service dog” written on its vest, be removed from the restaurant because she believed his presence was unhygienic.

She can be heard screaming in the video, “It should be a separate section for a f***ing animal!”

Multiple other people in the video point out that the dog is a service dog belonging to a US veteran, to which Miller responds, “My husband’s dad did too. My husband’s dad fought for the f***ing country! So what?! It’s still nasty to me!”

Retired US Air National Guard Force Master Sgt. Bill Austin and his service dog PJ were the victims of this woman’s tirade. Austin is a Delaware native, now living in Montana, who has served tours in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

“He has been trained to help me remember to take my medicine,” Austin says.

Bill Jp

Personal photoBill Austin with his service dog JP.

JP even wakes him up when he is having nightmares about combat.

Austin sees a silver lining in this incident, saying that the video is “making people understand that ‘you know what, this is not the way we should be treating each other.’”

Eventually, the woman left the restaurant at the end of the video, but stated that some of the employees at the restaurant made derogatory racial statements in a later interview.

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