This Incredible World Cup Art Will Make You Love Soccer

Published July 5, 2014
Updated October 29, 2018

Vibrant, Colorful Soccer Balls

Grassroots World Cup Art


The Energia Pra Torcer World Cup art project (meaning “Energy to Cheer”) aims to explore and celebrate the cultural vibrancy of the tournament’s host cities.

To complete the project, 20 graffiti artists created large rotating soccer balls that were splashed with colorful interpretations of each of the cities. Using beautiful, bold colors, the artists paid homage to the various locations, and then shipped the rotating balls to their respective cities. Check out these videos of the finished projects:

Energia Pra Torcer Project

Source: YouTube

ESPN’s Incredible Country-Specific Posters

ESPN World Cup Art Poster

Source: GeekWire

To supplement ESPN’s coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazilian artist Cristiano Siqueira created more than 30 country-specific posters for the sports television brand.

Each colorful image pays homage to a specific player (or players) from a country’s team. To keep fans excited, these images were released over the course of a few days, making viewers wait for the latest posters to be revealed. Which of your favorite soccer stars can you recognize?

Switzerland World Cup Poster

Colombia Poster ESPN World Cup

Russia World Cup Poster

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