Seven Of The World’s Most Talented Kids

Published January 6, 2014
Updated January 29, 2019

Talented Kids: Ryan Wang

Talented Kids Ryan Wang Portrait

Source: CBC

Ryan Wang is a music prodigy who recently played piano at the 2013 American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition. Oh yeah, and he’s five. While a number of children have demonstrated their musical talents and been deemed musical prodigies throughout the ages, Wang might be the most adorable. Check out this interview with Wang:

When he was a toddler, Wang played on an electric guitar. At the age of four, his mother took him to formal lessons. In no time, Wang had mastered 18-page concertos, quickly surpassing the musical talents of other children his age. Since he’s still so young, the world will have to wait to see how Wang’s talents play out.

Talented Kids Ryan Wang Playing Piano

Source: Ellen TV

Talented Kids: Akrit Jaswal

Talented Kids Akrit Pran Jaswai

Source: Facto Fun

Although he’s only 20, Akrit Jaswal is already a practicing physician and has been working in the field for more than a decade. From infancy, Jaswal’s parents knew he was something special. He began walking at an early age, talked before the age of one and was said to have been reading Shakespeare when he was five.

When Jaswal was seven, he successfully performed a surgery for a family who couldn’t afford healthcare for their daughter. The surgery branded Jaswal as a local medical genius in his hometown in India. At the age of 12, Jaswal became the youngest student to be admitted to medical school in India. Jaswal is now studying to get a master’s degree in applied chemistry.

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