X-Ray Art Reveals The Internal Beauty Of Everyday Objects

Published April 20, 2015
Updated February 5, 2018

In a world obsessed with appearances, X-ray art disregards exteriors in favor of highlighting the internal beauty and structure of everyday objects.

While many of us consider pretty paintings or sculptures to be the bookends of what the word “artistic” can mean, many artists defy convention and instead strive for innovation. X-ray art is one of those innovative forms. Blurring radiology and photography, even common items become interesting as the x-ray strips back their layers to reveal their often-ignored (and often elegant) internal structures.

Cool X Ray Art
X-ray Art Negative
Cat Xrayed
X-Ray Art Reveals The Internal Beauty Of Everyday Objects
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For more, check out these videos exploring x-ray art and what the human body looks like when doing yoga under an x-ray:

Radu Alexander
Radu is a freelance writer who specializes in historical, scientific and offbeat topics.
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